Privacy Policy

Last modification: May 22, 2019

  • 1. This Privacy Policy applies to all HelloBuild LLC (Build) apps released on both Apple Store (for iPhone, iPad) and Google Store (for all Android devices).
  • 2. Build collects information about the users of its apps, but never intends to collect Personal Identifiable Information. Build aims to collect the minimally required information for the functionality of each app. This is usually restricted to user-provided information for login purpose (name and email), plus the analytics collected and provided by the Apple and Google app stores.
  • 3. Build, under its current ownership and management, commits to not sell any user data to third parties.
  • 4. Users will always have the right to delete their account within an app, at anytime. Build will make reasonable efforts to remove all data associated with an account that is deleted, ASAP. Once an account is deleted and the data removed, it is not possible to recover that information.
  • 5. Build might keep non-user provided data (analytics data) about app usage, even after an account is deleted. Examples of this data are: number of downloads of an app, number of deletes of an app, etc.
  • 6. Build is not responsible for any data collected directly by Apple or by Google. In the event that such data is made available to Build, it will be bounded by this policy.
  • 7. Build uses standard and current encrypting techniques to mask the user’s data collected. However, this might not prevent a hack, or guarantee that user data will not be made public by bad actors. Users of all Build apps accept this risk.
  • 8. Build reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at anytime. Build will make all reasonable efforts to inform the users when changes are made to this policy.
  • 9. In the event of Build being acquired (change of ownership), the new owners will inherit and take responsibility for all the user’s data collected. A new owner might also make changes to this Privacy Policy. Build will make all reasonable efforts to inform the users before any acquisition is finalized.
  • 10. The Privacy Policy is in effect when and in the format posted publicly on the Build website.